NFC is one-of-its-kind technology that enables contactless payments from one device- mobile phone, keychain, tag, card and much more; to POS terminal. You can offer exciting NFC based instruments to your customers to engage, interact and build long term relationship.


QR is a contactless instrument that provides convenient, speedy and hassle free scan and pay model. Notch up your payments game by offering exciting QR based offers for your digital value added plugins!


Give your customers the capability to shop, earn and redeem points at your brand with thrilling card options of a tap, swipe or dip! In order to survive in this competitive market, explore unique digital marketing strategies to bring your customers back to you again and again!

Mobile No.

Keyed-In transactions are mobile number/credit card transactions where your customer doesn’t need the physical card or mobile phone or/and also doesn’t need to be physically present to make any transaction/earn points from anywhere at any time from your brand. Give your customers the flexibility and ease to avail your digital plugin without the hassle of carrying any instrument!